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Vendre sur le web vous fait envie ? Nous pouvons vous aider ! Si si, on vous assure !

You Need a Profitable Webshop

Creating an online store is the best way to sell your products.
36 million French consumers have placed orders at least once on the Internet. Why be left out?


French consumers buy online

Your Webshop

Here is a list of features we set up when creating your webshop.

Design your website

You participate in designing your website to ensure that it perfectly matches your graphic charter.

Sell all your products

Whatever your field, your can sell your entire catalogue on your online store.

Track all your customers

From marketing to loyalty, keep up with your customers' actions in real time.

Be available

From Google Maps to a contact form, your customers will be able to contact you.

Methods of payment

Payment by card, bank transfer, check, Paypal, etc. Accept all payment methods and never lose any customers ever again.

Manage your entire website

We will train you so that you can manage all of your own content.

SEO friendly

Your site will be optimized for natural referencing and you can also opt for greater support.

Speed optimization

We optimize the speed of your showcase website using a web cache, which delivers pages to your visitors faster.

4 Good Reasons to Create a Webshop

Not yet convinced that you need a webshop to increase your notoriety on the web?
Here are a few more reasons!

Sell at any time

Unlike your physical shop, your website is online 24/7, so your catalogue is always available and you can make a sale at any time.

Simplify administrative issues

No rent to pay or business tax, reduced personnel costs, no strikes or sick leave, simplified VAT declaration, etc. Manage your whole webshop on a single interface.

Grow with web sales

36 million French people buy online 9 times per quarter (7 in 2015). Internet shopping is quickly catching up to in-store shopping, so don't be left behind!

Interact with your customers

You will be able to market in new ways that are not possible with a physical store, such as presenting your product catalogue with pictures, videos, and sound and monitoring your customers, all while improving your ROI.

€650 spent on average per buyer during Q1 2017

Do you want to sell over the Internet? Maybe you consider the idea often, but have too many questions about the process to move forward. So here’s our FAQ:

  • Webshops easy to manage: honestly, managing a webshop is not much more complicated than sending an e-mail. It just takes a little time and training that we will provide.
  • You will have plenty of support: we want our customers to get the most out of the websites we create with them, so we will show you how to use it, and we will always be available to answer questions.
  • People are buying more and more on the Internet: Internet sales continue to rise, +19% in 2016 according to FEVAD, now 28% of all business.
  • Internet = scams: You’re now statistically more likely to have your mobile phone stolen than to be a victim of an Internet scam.
  • Transactions are secure: our webshops use SSL-128 secure payment technology (the most secure option). No data is stored and confidentiality is ensured.

Contact us if you have questions about online sales, or to tell us what your website creation project is all about. We will be happy to answer your questions and perhaps even give you new ideas.

Expand Your Customer Base with an Online Store

With wine merchants, jewelers, clothing designers, and more, the number of Internet sellers reached 206,800 in 2017, 11% more than in 2016 (FEVAD). Online sales are now for everyone. This new sales system allows you to reach a wider customer base.

But how will your customers will find you online? Unless you are already very well known off-line, or have a really unique product, your visibility on the Internet will depend on good web communication.

SEO.fr is a specialist in natural SEO web sales and keyword purchasing campaigns. Take advantage of our experience to help you gain notoriety on the Internet and operate a successful online store.

We will be delighted to provide you with a custom webshop solution that includes web communication (natural referencing, purchase of keywords, press releases, radio ads, etc.) perfectly adapted to your product, taking into account the specificities of your field and its level of competition on search engines.

You want to create your website with SEO.fr? We are ready !

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